YURT, "Alligator"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

In these current times, when it feels so scary to be different, you notice little details that might have slipped by before. That’s why I was so pleased to find Seattle, WA based duo YURT listing their gender on Facebook as neutral. It was the first instance I had seen this used by a band, and it read like a breath of fresh air. YURT, consisting of Marlo Kapsa (guitars, keys, vocals) and Olivia Kesterson (drums) is blunt rock– backbone drums and fizzy guitar licks.
“Alligator” is fresh and sharp, a simple answer to the too often complicated musical creations. A twangy guitar solo meshes with Kapsa’s vocals that listen like the fusion of Angel Olsen and Corin Tucker. It’s laid back rock with the Pacific Northwest slacker feel, ala Chastity Belt and  La Luz. The duo softens out their edges but keeps their music powerful where needed. And yes, they did in fact perform in a yurt. 

YURT is currently recording their first full length album.