Ben Gibbard writes a song for Ichiro

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Ben Gibbard and Ichiro Suzuki

Back before he was Benjamin, Ben Gibbard wrote an ode to Ichiro Suzuki. A little ditty he wrote “a few years ago” that now seems rather prescient in the wake of Ichiro's trade from Gibbard's beloved Mariners to the New York Yankees.

Like most baseball fans — as in a fan of the sport over a specific team — I lamented the trade as another case of the rich getting richer (remember, socialism has been proven to work in sports), but as the details of the trade have emerged, suggesting Ichiro just wanted to play for a contender, it now seems like a fitting way for one of MLB's best hitters (arguably the best) of all time to ride off into the sunset. And when he does take his final bow, Mr. Gibbard is hedging his bets that his “Go, go, go, go Ichiro” will become as iconic as “Casey At Bat”.

Or it's just a cute song that's rather timely.