Cool Ghouls Prep For Animal Races, Have Never Had Gangrene & Spam

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

San Francisco’s rock’n’roll four piece Cool Ghouls – comprised of Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, and Alex Fleshman – debuted the exclusive stream of their upcoming album this morning. Set to release to the public on August 19th, the lead up to Animal Races has been filled with some great singles, and we can’t wait for you to check out the album itself.

We got to sit down briefly with the guys to discuss their work. Check it out.

via Facebook
via Facebook

If you could introduce yourself to our readers in any way possible–money not being a factor–how would you do so?

Buy a full page ad that reads: “ATTN: YOUNGSTERS/MUSIC HEADS-
Feast your ears on the “new” record Animal Races by “COOL GHOULS” 11 spankin’ tracks for your personal and existential pleasure.”  

Then have 4 scratch and sniffs of each band member’s scents.

How did you meet each other and where did the amazing band name “Cool Ghouls” come from?

3 of us went to high school together then met up after college in SF.  Cool Ghouls came from a live George Clinton concert.  He comes out of a spaceship on the stage and says “How are all you cool ghouls doin tonight?”  It was outer worldly. 

What kind of timewarp have I entered into with your music? (Hi. Love it.) How would you describe your sound?

Cosmic American Rock n’ Roll

Clearly you’ve got classic roots in your sound. What inspired your single “Sundial”?

The 12 string is new for us on a record, so the sound definitely derives from that.  They sound so pretty, like wrapping up a song in a sparkly blanket.

“(If I Can’t Be) The Man” is very country sounding, and we are wondering what you’d like to say about that song?

Definitely! That’s a country song for sure. From the get-go we knew we wanted pedal steel guitar on that track. We were able to get Tom Heyman in the studio, who is THE pedal steel guy in the bay area. Really proud of how this one turned out. Notice the slick key change halfway through the song.

What is your favorite part about performing together?

This sounds cheesy, but just being able to play and grow together.  We all push each others buttons in a good way, and I think we’re playing better than we’ve ever played before.  

What’s your opinion on the modern music industry?

It’s all pretty fractured right now, but it’s making for some incredible music.  It’s like someone shattered an ant colony and now they’re making camp all over the place.  Music has become very regional now.

What would your band’s Tinder profile look like?

Alex would have it, except he mostly cruises for dogs.  He’ll runaway with anyone’s pup. 

Do you like green eggs and ham?

Never had gangrene and spam.

What’s up next for Cool Ghouls?

Lots of touring and workin’ on the new ones!

Animal Races is out August 19th on Empty Cellar Records. It is available for preorder now.