Drive Through Hazy captivate with “Critter”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The Nottingham electronic pop duo discuss their inspirations, methods & their poignant latest single

Welp, there goes the country yet again. It’s hard to stay focussed and optimistic about anything these days, but music is there to give listeners a respite in every case. Across the pond, a duo of electronic, trip-hop musicians residing in Nottingham seek to be that saving grace. Drive Through Hazy is made up of musicians Bridget Holmes and Joe Antill, who succeed in a special pairing that is just and audibly delicious as a fine wine. With the release of their captivating new single, “Critter”, it is easy to hear that these music talents are here to stay. 

Bridget wrote “Critter” about someone in her real life who she has personified as the Critter. “The Critter is meant to embody someone that is self-centered, inward-looking and ego driven,” she explained. “However, despite all of this, people still love them and go out of their way to be close to them. Do you know a Critter too?”

It is an epic, dreamy track that offers a somber dip into a whisper-like realm. Bridget’s vocals are soft with a dramatic fluff that lingers within the quiet explorations of the spacey sounds. With enigmatic clashes of melodies, the song teeters in a mixture of complex emotions. The listener will ponder yet be led by a familiar recognition that is inescapable. An opportunist creature yearning to remain. 

With a new EP on the horizon, Drive Through Hazy took some time to discuss their recent band activities. You read those thoughts and check out the video for “Critter” below:

What are some of the fresh elements of musical exploration that have come out of this new body of work? Were there specific memories, feelings or simply creative imagination that popped in? 

Well for me, (Bridget), I write all the songs originally at the piano in an acoustic fashion. When Joe transforms them into their electronic glory and my songs take on an entirely new genre, I feel this is the ultimate element of musical exploration. All of my songwriting is inspired by memories, in fact, all the songs in our EP are about the same few people! (Trust me, things were dramatic). 

What artistic mediums help grow your sound or ideas outside of music? Is it film, visual arts or even literature? Is there a specific instance that you remember to date?

I, (Bridget), as a lyricist have been inspired by many different artistic mediums. For example, I have written a song based on the famous play A Streetcar Named Desire. I enjoy incorporating nursery rhymes into my lyrics also… I take inspiration from anything that catches my attention!

Do you have any messages or thoughts for Americans going through this weird time? How has this impacted you?

The world is in a very scary and uncertain place. All we can do as humans is to try and show love and compassion for one another. Music can also play a big part in this, as it has the power to bring people together from all walks of life.

What hopes and aspirations do you have for the summer? 

We are playing our first ever festival! This feels extra special after the last few years of being in lockdown!  We are also looking forward to releasing our first EP mid-August! It’s been a pretty prolific first year for Drive Through Hazy.

When not making music, what gives you a well-needed break? 

Listening to music! We need more hobbies!