Evalyn Shares Recent Track "Filthy Rich", Talks What's Up Next and Dream Rider List

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On the heels of collaborative success with Louis The Child’s “Fire” and her mashup cover of “The Hills x Nightcall”, Evalyn‘s official solo debut has been instilling itself into the hearts of many. The track exudes too much badassery for anyone to second guess what her intentions are, and we’re totally enthralled. Not only that, but her incredible honesty has us thinking she’s got quite a bit of staying power.
Thankfully, we caught up with her to get a little intro to the woman behind it all. Check out the full interview below!
If you could introduce yourself to an audience in any way, no limitations, how would you do it?
Hi, I’m Evalyn. I live in Venice Beach, California and like to write songs about ego and feeling like shit and the things in your head that you don’t want people to know you’re thinking.
Did you have an “aha” moment when you decided that music was your calling? If so, what was that like?
Music has always been as natural to me as breathing. Growing up, when I wasn’t obsessing over classic rock and hip hop records, I was singing in church which turned into singing in bars. Music is the great love of my life and anytime I’ve ever turned my back on it I’ve lost myself. It’s a severely co-dependent relationship (but don’t tell music cuz I think I need him more than he needs me).
So what has it taken to get you here in your career, to this moment? Has the road been long and winding?
I’m dramatic so I’d say holy shit it’s taken forever, but the truth is what took me a long time was learning the hard lessons I write about in my songs. And looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. Plus I have some really groovy people in my life who’ve had my back every step of the way.

“Filthy Rich” is such a vibey and honest track. What inspired it?
You know that feeling when someone fucks with you and you just want to hold on to an ounce of your pride? To me, Filthy Rich is that internal conversation you have in order to pick yourself up off the ground. It’s about that front you put on so you look bulletproof. That shit is very real to me and is so real in Los Angeles.
“I thought you knew I was a bitch” is a line we were NOT expecting, and we’re actually kind of in love. In this context, what does “bitch” mean to you, specifically? 
Given the option of being vulnerable and getting hurt or shutting someone out first I’d choose the latter. It’s something I’ve done since I was young and I should probably fix it, but c’est la vie. To me, bitch means I am not to be fucked with, you can’t hurt me. Honest and upfront as well because I value that above all else – I’m an over sharer.
What is your writing/production process like?
I like to start at the piano. If a song can be stripped to just a piano and a vocal and still send shivers down your spine, that’s when you know you’ve got something. Lyrics are what I live for so I usually take a cue from Hemingway and try and write hard and clear about what hurts.
What would be on your ultimate rider list?
Haha that’s a great question, I play this game at the bar with my friends. I hear Jack White’s rider includes bourbon, Veuve Cliquot and really dope guacamole – I’ll take that, sub tequila for bourbon.
What’s up next, darling?
I’ve got some more Filthy Rich surprises up my sleeve, starting with a remix or two. And look out for a follow up single.
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