A List of Lists by Jimmy Tamborello, aka DNTEL

Post Author: James Tamborello
Jimmy Taborello

I’m sitting, staring at this blank screen trying to come up with a list of whatever. I’m not a great writer. I’ve always felt best about music when it comes to self-expression; words—spoken or written—have always led to embarrassment and regret. I’m sure this will, too.

How about a list of list ideas? That way I don’t have to go into too much detail, or lay out any strong opinions. I hold opinions very loosely, ready to let go at any moment, as soon as somebody says something to the contrary. How does anybody believe anything? Especially under a looming apocalypse?

1. New Fears

I could list a bunch of things I’ve recently learned to fear, like mountain lions and Dengue Fever. I’ve always had a big list of fears, always evolving. Lately I’ve become less afraid of flying, but more afraid of forest fires.

2. Best Erasure Songs

I love Erasure. I could dig deep into their discography and list some favorites, but then i’d have to write about each one. How would they all not be basically the same description? “I like this one because it’s pretty” x 10.

3. Favorite New Records

A classic list, and one that I enjoy making, until the part where I have to write about them.

4. Tweet Regrets

I was thinking I could go back through my Twitter account and find the dumbest stuff I’ve tweeted. The worst are usually late night attempts at humor, or the occasional lashing out at some corporation that’s done me wrong. Which leads to…

5. Consumer Complaints

It seems like I end up angry at every business I deal with these days. Bad customer service, annoying packaging, stuff breaking, spam mail/email/phone calls/texts/etc.

6. Best Szechuan Food In Los Angeles

I wish I knew!

7. Traits I Share In Common With Aphex Twin

Our new records came out on the same day. It would be a pretty short list, though, besides the release date thing. We both have James in our name? We both love his music? Something about the tank?

DNTEL Human Voice

8. Things I Wish You’d Ask

I didn’t get any interview requests for this new record. Maybe I could use this forum to interview myself? I’d definitely talk about the album title. It seems like there’s a misconception that it’s made up of all human voices? There’s actually only any sort of voice on about half the record. It was named after the “Human Voice” sound on the Casio SK-1 keyboard. It’s a sound from my youth, and it makes a cameo on the album’s title track.

9. Things I Wish I Didn’t Say

I think I would have been better off staying mysterious, avoiding interviews in my career. I’ve never had much to say (past the music), and I’m lacking a lot of the traits that make artists interesting to read about. I’m not saying I’m not worth knowing! Just that I don’t translate well as a character in a magazine. I could definitely make a list of cringe-worthy quotes (and misquotes) from my interview history.

10. Best Ways To Get To Know Me

A thinly veiled plug for my various public forums. I think Soundcloud and Instagram are my favorite outlets. Soundcloud would definitely be on my Consumer Complaints list, but is still my favorite way to communicate with the world. Instagram is another nice, wordless way to communicate. Oh also my radio show on dublab.com, Dying Songs, every Thursday 12-2pm PST, where you can hear all the stuff I bought on Boomkat that week, and all the other stuff inspiring me.

11. Things I Already Don’t Like About This List Of Lists


DNTEL’s Human Voice is available now via Leaving Records.