Phoenix indie rockers Breakup Shoes open Innings Music Festival

Post Author: Jacob McAdams

The DIY duo talks performing at the local fest & tour plans for 2024

Innings Fest called on the local boys from Breakup Shoes to lead off a couple of hard-hitting lineups. Arizona’s premiere festival has turned into a swinging baseball-themed two-weekend party, and this hopeful DIY crew is looking to set the tone. I got to catch up with singer-guitarist Nick Zawisa for an interview to see what’s firing him up about the young band’s near future.

What’s it like to lead off the first festival of the year?

I hadn’t even realized that this was the first festival of the year, so it’s an honor! I just feel lucky to have gotten to play a set outside on a beautiful February day in Arizona with a bunch of legendary bands. Watching the gates open and seeing people sprint across Tempe Beach Park to catch our set was crazy too. We haven’t had the opportunity to play too many fests so it was all pretty surreal.

What do you think Innings means to Arizona?

I think Innings is huge for Arizona; it’s our only festival that’s a part of the national festival circuit and it’s the kick-off of spring training which I have tons of fond memories of attending when I was a kid. As a lifelong Phoenician, I’m just stoked to see anything on a national scale like this happening in my city.

What are y’all looking forward to in 2024?

We’re stoked to be getting back on the road this year. We’re heading out on a tour supporting Sarah and the Sundays at the end of March through April and we’ve got some more headline dates lined up that we’ll be announcing soon. I love touring and we didn’t get to do a ton last year, so I’m really hyped to get back to it.

Where do you think new fans should start with Breakup Shoes?

Well, I think over the years we’ve really carved out what our individual sound is so in my opinion, new fans should check out our most recent album, The Death Of Everything Worrisome, it’s the best thing we’ve put out. But you can’t go wrong by heading to our artist profile and starting with our most played. Can’t go wrong with the hits – if you can call ‘em that.

Do you have any advice to those looking to become a band or produce music in the Arizona scene?

This feels like an oldhead thing to say but after you find some like-minded people to make music with, to me it’s all about playing as many shows as possible. We’ve got dope DIY spots like Trunk Space and some of the best small venues in the country like Rebel Lounge and Valley Bar where you can start tightening up your songs and keep getting better as a performer and writer. An online presence has become super crucial for musicians but the music’s gotta come first.

Weekend 2 of Innings Festival kicks off tomorrow at Beach Park in Tempe, AZ