Damn the Witch Siren, "Fuck Me"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Releasing their official EP in 2014 titled Superdelicious, Damn the Witch Siren has successfully created music about feminism and all things that have to do with love. With their most recent production, a few weeks passed while writing and the duo started to feel like they were making something that was a bit of a downer, so instead, they devised a plan to make a dance party sex album. In February, they will be touring to the midwest and east coast for a 3-week tour, so look out for more foxy music to be released sometime this year.

Damn the Witch Siren speaks about the track “Fuck Me”,

“Fuck Me was written in a few hours the night we had to turn our album into our booking agency and distributor. We felt like it encapsulated all the themes of the record; sex, love, passion, heartache, and female empowerment. It ended up being a fun, kinky track that just feels easy, and before we were even finished we knew we wanted to make it a single.”

 The desirable single “Fuck me” is irresistibly seductive, as we will find that it is utterly no use to fight standing still while listening. Immediately we will break out into dance, whether it be with your best friends, parents or significant other, this is unquestionably a song to play for those crazy late night wingdings you may be having.