Dublin Natives ‘State Lights’ Share ‘Open Your Arms’

A meeting at world renowned music school BIMM in Dublin, lead to singer Shobsy, guitarist Joe Regan, drummer Paul Ridgeway and bassist Noel Perry – Sharing a mutual desire to write stadium sized pop songs.

Since then, the band have gone on to cement their place as one of Ireland’s top new pop acts, reminiscent of a modern day Coldplay mixed with the melodic beats of Kygo, their latest offering Open Your Arms represents the sound of a band primed for a big international breakthrough. Their new single ‘Open Your Arms’, showcases exactly what the Irish four piece are all about. Big pop synths, providing the foundation for a serene vocal.

On the new single they state:

“It is a song about empowerment. About realising and having faith in your own ability to do anything if you simply open yourself up to the unique power that exists in each one of us” (Shobsy, Singer)