FIVEOCLOCKCHARLIE Presents the single "Onlies"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

I was dating a guy and I was just certain that it would all work out because we were each other only and always… I believed the unsettled feelings had to be normal. Because nothing was more promised than our forever… But I was wrong… And it was too easy to believe. So I wrote this song, took a shot of Jameson, and went to bed,” explains Georgia Long, the artist behind fiveoclockcharlie, and the track in question, “ONLIES.” As free as spirits come, Georgia moves between New York, LA, and Texas regularly, resulting in brilliant music chained to no one.

“ONLIES” is an exciting peek into what fiveoclockcharlie will bring. Formerly a part of the bands The Long Girlz, The Shock, and The Alchemists, this is a new step for Georgia, but a promising one. Her take on electronic is dark and upfront, as she brings everything to the table.