Ghosts of Our Former Selves – Moog Bass

The London-Based Artists Share a Genre-Spanning New Project

United by their love of 70’s songwriting and production, London 3-piece Ghosts of Our Former Selves have a unique and maverick approach to songwriting. Each band member brings their own individual style and experience to the creative equation. Theo Brehony sang and co-wrote a world-wide Freestylers hit and has supported Beyonce on tour. Producer Fred Ala, formerly signed to Sony, has worked with multiple studio legends including Gus Dudgeon (Elton John, Bowie) and Robin Miller (Sade), and is a master hip hop beats maker.

The new EP represents a totally new approach to their songwriting prowess. Inspired by the sound produced by the legendary Moog synthesizer, it’s a release that draws on multiple musical influences.

The lead single ‘Life’s What You Make It’, is a unique blend of funk, acid house and pop. Laced with a thick bassline and layers of synth motifs, it’s a unique track with an uplifting tone.

There are some emotive moments in the EP, with ‘Father’s Song’, lead singer Theo recounts poetry written by his late father re-worked into an atmospheric piece of alt-indie. The whole EP swells with a rich, analogue synth tone and an underlying songwriting ability defined by years in the industry.

Listen in full below