Great News and their Inspirations Exclusive Impose Playlist

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Daze pop triangle Great News reports their Forthcoming debut album and releases the title track called “Wonderfault.” The Norwegian based group accomplished the sound of nostalgia with their slow 1980s bass guitar gallops. In the track, psychedelic pop can be heard through the vocal melodies and influential instruments.

Great News put together a playlist for us that let us hear what is inspiring them today and gives feedback on each song.

Turbulensen – Evigheten
This song is made and produced by one of our friend Njål Paulsberg. We worked with him in the beginning, and he introduced us to the “do it yourself” mentality.We wanted to be like him! A wizard with synths.”
Red Eyes – The War On Drugs Red Eyes
“We still remember when this song came out, it just blew our mind that someone made a modern classic like this. What fascinates us about Adam Granduciel is that he grew into his style of writing and producing. It suits him, being his age and doing something musically strong and inventive. You’re never too old!”
How Can You Luv Me – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
“These guys started out as a trio, and we love trios. With Ruban Nelson’s basement recording style and sound gave us that push to believe enough in your own sound. You don’t need all that equipment. Just record your music from beginning to end enough times with what you have and work a lot… really a lot until that sound’s like something you could stand behind and be proud of.”
How Long Have You Known – DIIV
“Seeing DIIV live for the first time was fun, their energy and the way they moved onstage gave us the impression that they are really having fun and doing it for themselves, even if it’s was a bad gig. They also tend to play way to live fast, so it’s almost a different song live which fronts the rest of the band’s personality.”
Fredag – Dungen
“Dungen have been to our hometown Bergen in Norway a couple of times. We’ve been lucky enough to hang out with them a couple of times when they’ve played here.
The band is probably the most down to earth people we’ve ever met, considering that they’re actually playing in what is likely to be the worlds most influential band. And we think they know it… We think someone’s been listening to this bass line a lot.”
Be Above It – Tame Impala
Yellow Moon – Amason
“The Swedish know their way around the pop maze. Their debut album “Sky City” was one of the highlights of 2015 for us. Every song on the album is a banger, and we felt that that we should do the same with our debut. Amanda has the most beautiful voice in the world and her melodies sound amazing and intelligent. Make sure you check out her solo stuff as well.”
– “I wish I could sing like Amanda Bergman”
Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac
“Christine McVie is one of our time’s greatest songwriter that’s that. These people are all legends whose left us a monumental legacy, and if we could, we would include their whole discography. We think Tusk is the best album they made, but we’ve danced so much to this song that we had to include it. It’s the less is more feeling we love about it.”