Jade The Moon "Hotels"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

During the year of 2014, Toronto artist Jade Moon once took an early morning walk to clear her head. With her, a pen and a journal, she began to write down stories about relationships and what emotionally comes with them. This drove a passion and inspired Jade to create music. Later she started a simple project with no intentions to present her music and ended up with bandmates that moved her forward.
Jade The Moon is excited to announce their first single ‘Hotels’ off their new album 11:11. Set for release early 2018, the new record is a collection of tracks the group says are best described as “musical photographs”. A moment in time turned dance party, true story turned love song, a daydream turned eerie alt-pop lullaby. Real world inspiration. This is the follow up to the group’s self-produced 2015 debut release ‘Habits and Hindrance’ sees the continued theme of ” cycles ” in human nature.

“Hotels” is the perfect example for Jade The Moon to articulate and show the listeners, exactly what she has been thinking and feeling. You can feel and hear the passion through Moons vocals clearly.  There is no better way to clean up a cluttered mind.
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