Jason Nolan, "Palma Fauna"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

“So the initial idea for Palma Fauna actually came years ago on a wander back home from a drunken night on the streets of London. Then earlier this year I was working on some new textures which ended up turning into a newer version of the song. What motivated the song was the feeling that even though I feel and have always felt so close to the people around me, it can be difficult for me to interact without feeling uneasy because I haven’t quite adjusted to the changing dynamics of certain relationships.”

London born artist Jason Nolan combines modern electronics with elements from the late 1970s funk and disco genre. The track “Palma Fauna” off of the recent EP “Late Night City Hawks” is the flawless end result of what a true musicophile with countless talents can be capable of. We hear the many genres that are incorporated into this single, and as we hear those genres that Nolan loves, he does an exceptional job of illustrating them for us. Drift deep into the undertow from the tranquilizing sounds of realism portrayed by Jason Nolan.