Mac/Glidden with the track "Politician"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

From New York City is the dyad Grant Swift Gidden and Andy McCarthy of Mac/Glidden. Both growing up listening to the same kinds of music, the two connected in their younger years and began to write music together. They started out by performing shows as a cover band and acquired quite the reputation. By Bringing their musical influences to life like classic rock, soul, folk and 60’s pop, these guys have unquestionably sculpted a distinct sound. In 2014 The Huffington Post called them one of “5 Must-See Indie Summer Concerts in NYC”. Here’s the single “Politician” off their recent album Fall Into the Dark”.

“Politician” is a bright and sunny track that features the outstanding use of beautiful vocal melodies that build the foundation for this psychedelic pop song. Mac/Glidden brilliantly recreate a modern mashup sound that sends us straight back to the 60’s pop genre we all adore.