Rainsford, "Intentions" Ft. Twin Shadow

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The pop Queen Rainsford reveals her new single “Intentions”  with the collaboration from Twin Shadow. Co-Written and produced by Nick Dungo (Jaja Bu). Rainsford says the track had many manifestations before taking its final form, the final result is what you hear. When asked what artists inspired her for the new single Rainsford replied,
“There’s no one artist that we were drawing inspiration from in particular. And this song took a lot of different shapes before we ended here. But I’d say Sade and 90’s Janet Jackson were influential.”

“Intentions” has everything a hit single requires as Rainsford puts a unique spin on her own kind of genre. Her melodies remind us of a time when pop music was fun and meaningful. The collaboration with Twin Shadow exuberantly defines just who Rainsford truly is.