RJ Thompson Covers a Vital, Dylan Classic

RJ Thompson has spent the last two years, building his reputation as one of the countries leading, up and coming singer-songwriters. He’s done so, by combining the voice of the silent majority, with an accessible, colourful and nostalgic pop production that goes far beyond that of a typical singer songwriter. 

He’s artist who’s had to graft for every great opportunity that’s come his way, getting his big break through consistently playing grass-roots music venues, pubs and clubs in his native North-East.  His hard work eventually lead to more than 30 shows touring the UK and Europe. Support shows with Gabrielle Aplin, Deacon Blue and Jools Holland (including a performance at the Royal Albert Hall) soon followed as well as several EPs and a live album.

“Up here in the North East there is a saying… “shy bairns get nowt”. You’ve got to put yourself out there, asking and doing, if you want to make any progress. So that’s what I did throughout my early years. I got out and posted my demos to all the local promoters, played at the grassroots venues, the local festivals, and any community event going – even those that had absolutely nothing to do with music!. Every single show has taught me something.

Last year RJ released his first full studio album in the form on “Echo Chamber” – A daring take on contemporary culture in the UK. His latest release, sees him take on the classic Bob Dylan track The Times They Are A’Changin – It’s an anthemic, uplifting piece of singer-songwriter joy. You’d almost forget it was a cover, as RJ makes the track his own in typical, charismatic fashion