Spazz Cardigan – S.O.S

Nashville seems to have produced yet another outstanding songwriter.

It’s little surprise really, that a city with such a track record for songwriters is home to alt-pop rising star Spazz Cardigan. He’s very much, the musician of the modern world. Gifted in all aspects of the studio, An outstanding live performer, and a savvy approach to self marketing.

Raised on a diet of NSYNC and Michael Jackson before discovering Queen at age 10, sparking a religious determination to create and perform. Growing up outside of Louisville, he was classically trained as a piano player before teaching himself guitar, bass, and drums. He began gigging at 11, playing in a handful of punk cover bands while learning how to produce and mix music on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

So far, his work ethos is bearing fruit, with his previous singles all landing on New Music Friday playlists across the globe. His new single “S.O.S”, is vintage from the young songwriter. Anthemic, feel-good guitar pop that makes us yearn for the summer months.

Catch Spazz Cardigan live in Los Angeles at We Found New Music’s Madame Siam residency on January 29th.