Tickle Torture with "No One Feels For Your Love"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Tickle master, Elliott Kozel released his first electro R&B masterpiece EP Spiritual Machine back in 2012 and then followed up with a hard-hitting 2014 release which further expanded his unrepeatable sound with the EP Spectrophilla. Kozel’s work is compared to Prince and the Revolution days. Anyone will admit that he is taking us all back to the 1980’s with his funky singer-songwriter vibes. It is told that Tickle Torture puts on one hell of a show live as he creates a world full of expressive art that includes, back up dancers, confetti canons, and video projections. Now the master himself is back and has just finished the brand new full-length album Lovequake which releases April 20th. “No One Feels For Your Love” is a just a sneak peak of what is to come.

Elliott Kozel speaks about his new track below,

“This song was inspired by early 90’s dance hits like Corona’s Rhythm of the Night and La Bouche’s Be My Lover. I was going through a breakup and needed to create something that might incite spiritual release on the dance floor, but I couldn’t for the life of me get the emotion I wanted out of my vocal cords. So I sent out the call and my friend Proper T of Minneapolis Afrofuturist group Zulu Zuluu flew out to Los Angeles for a long weekend of recording, singing and legendary party debacles.  His beautiful voice is all over this track and really takes it to where the eagles soar.”
“No One Feels For Your Love” is what nightlife actually sounds like and is a perfect song to add to your own life soundtrack. His genre is a mixture of addictive synth patterns with glam pop/electro, with the spins of a soulful voice, making his work universally listenable. Be sure to catch him at his CD release party on April 20th at Amsterdam Bar and Hall.