TOLEDO, "Hesperus"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The musical chemistry that is TOLEDO all started 10 years ago when Daniel and Jordan were only 12 years of age. They met each other in a small port town in northeast Massachusetts, and instead of competing with one another, they joined forces to create something that is out of this world. Day after day,  the two have worked together endlessly to bring listeners something unrepeatable and relatable, and that is clearly the impression they have made. You can hear the group’s influences ranging from Radio Head and Real Estate to Nick Drake and Fiest

TOLEDO tells us what inspired them to write “Hesperus”,

“TOLEDO wrote and recorded Hesperus a while back, and we recently said “what the heck”…now’s the time to release it. The track was conceived in a relatively luxurious roadside motel hot tub while Dan and Jordan were visiting Creede, Colorado – home to the largest fork in the United States (they were there to see the fork and only to see the fork, which is 40 ft. long and weighs 600 lbs…pretty spectacular, we must say). The song focuses on the fictional relationship between a deer, a dog, and their mythical counterparts. Jordan’s girlfriend Maya had a dog that was dying at the time, which also served as inspiration. After the guys visited the fork and wrote the song in the hot tub, they dried off and jumped back in Dan’s ’97 Pontiac Sunrunner, and drove 2,000 miles back to Boston. Dan drove the whole time because it is illegal for Jordan to drive, due to a mental handicap. They were only in Creede for a total of 3 hours. This one goes out to Maya’s dog, Clayton.”

The lyrical and musical genesis mold the masterpiece “Hesperus” with soothing vocals and a soft earthy guitar. “Hesperus” is an inspirational and motivational track indeed and as the pace picks up towards the end of the song, we are all still mesmerized by the silvery sounding track. Warning, Putting on repeat only makes TOLDEO sound better