Track X Track: The Chordaes – In Itinere

Post Author: Impose Automaton

New York births a contemporary power pop group named The Chordaes. The quintet consists of Leo Sawikin (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Ethan Glenn (Drums), Nick McFly (Bass/Backing Vocals), Dan Cobert (Keys), and Kevin Foley(Guitar/Backing Vocals). They have performed at several different venues all over New York City, and have been featured in many notable magazines.

Today, they release their brand new EP entitled “In Itinere.” Leo speaks about the inspiration and meaning behind the tracks.

“In Itinere” 

“The record is about a journey – from a really hectic, emotionally charged place to a much more relaxed, peaceful one.  I wanted to be few words that say a lot.  It needed to be more involved than just “the journey” because I feel like these songs say more than that.  When I found “In Itinere” it felt right – it was a journey, a walkabout that justices made throughout the kingdom to try cases.”

“What Do You Want From Me”

“I had been watching the news on TV a lot when I wrote this song.  Though there are a few meanings people can assign to it, personally I was looking at footage of Putin and what a liar he is.  His dishonesty didn’t seem to faze him and that really bothered me.  He has so much but is always grabbing for more.  Our video for the track draws from another meaning, one that seemed more personal and dramatic.”

“Something New”

“This song is, in essence, me sitting down with someone who is blindly following someone who is clearly bad for them and saying “Are you kidding?!”  Whether it is because of a lack of awareness or a lack of self-confidence, often people follow people like Putin or Trump or they get into a bad relationship.  Everyone else can see this that following bad people is bad – everyone but the person doing it.  In the song, the point is – this is not working for you…”

“The Last Time”

“The Last Time is about how someone, after years of emotional investment, realizes they need to move on.  It deals with reaffirming your self worth – realizing that you have so much to give.”

“I’m Free”

“A bad situation or a bad relationship can really weigh you down.  ‘’I’m Free” is about getting out of this mindset and releasing yourself from the relationship.  You achieve an emotional ‘lightness’ of sorts – like a weight has been lifted.”

“Run and Hide”

“The decision must be made that the journey needs to start.  It is scary and can be a source of shame, but you have to get away from ‘that place’ to get yourself back.  This is about setting out on the journey.”


“The journey can be long and hard. Once you have been on the journey for a while, you can see the place you are trying to get to over the horizon.  ‘California’ is about that sensation when you know you are close to getting there and you can look back on the experience.”