Wooter "Peach"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Kick up your feet and listen to the comforting sounds produced by Wooter. At last, we can all finally relax with this Sundays release. When it comes to writing or producing, Rowan Brind has no problem as it has always been a passion and a very natural subject for him. Every Sunday, we get to sink into the mind of the man behind it all who can conjure up something new and ear-warming for every release.

Below, Rowan tells us a little bit about “Peach”

“I’ve always liked the idea of spontaneously running away from everything and everyone and starting again where no one knows where I am or who I am, sort of in the vain of James and the Giant Peach. Of course, I love all my friends and family too much to do that to them, but the idea is enticing.”

Wooter does an extraordinary job at explaining all the thoughts and feelings we all encounter in our lifetime, it’s what makes the musician unique because we can all agree that we’ve all been in Brinds shoes. You will have no problem drifting into the relative and effective baseline, in which is combined with the peaceful easy feeling that his vocals evoke.