Berserktown II: Day 3

Post Author: Matt Draper

The second edition of Berserktown began on Friday, August 14 and concluded on Sunday, August 16 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. The final day on Sunday, August 16 featured performances by C. Spencer Yeh, Dead Moon, Downtown Boys, Encapsultate, Harassor, Hellevetron, Helm, Milk Music, Puce Mary, Screaming Females, Sheer Mag, Slægt,  Total Abuse, Royal Trux (their first performance since disbanding in 2001), VEXX, White Lung, and more.

Photos from the first and second days of Berserktown II are available here and here. A review of Berserktown II can be found here.

Thanks to the final day of Berserktown II, we saw Royal Trux’s first performance in 14 years.