Day 5, Grass Widow, Tempo No Tempo, Odawas, The Baths

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Where could I be circa 6 o’clock during the non-stop Noise
Pop highway to tinnitus? Oh blessed Bender’s! A group of atonal gloomster
pouting hopefuls called That Ghost just finished an angst ridden diatribe spilled
over an Urban Outfitted “Waiting for the Man” imitation. Hey, they
got the guitar rhythm down to a science but the vocal presence was but a vague
specter in the mix.

And keeping the mock-Velvets tradition intact, here are The
Baths equipped with a Moe Tucker gal on the essential floor tom, stand up snare,
single cymbal and tambourine. This possibly accounted for an amazing rhythm set-up that had me tapping a toe or two in place. The distortion didn’t deliver
initially, but with some obligatory “bah bah bahs,” the guitar ruckus
evolved into something Thurston wouldn’t mind having perform at one of his
“All Tomorrows Parties” um, you know, parties.

Third up is The Odawas. And wait, what’s this? A pedal
steel, Dylan harmonica-headset and double stacked keyboards? This ought to be a
hoot! Somehow the keyboards take on that eerie whirling effect that made
Grandaddy’s “The Software Slump” so otherworldly and compelling. It
was refreshing to hear the steel being taken to task by letting the twang serve
as a trippy sound composite amid the keyboards.

And now here I am at Slim’s, enjoying the fancy-dance-y hot fuzz-pedals
of Tempo No Tempo. Been meaning to check these likely-local lads out for some
time and found their thrash-hall approach to the power trio concept
invigorating and strangely life affirming. Their sound is great for the club,
even better for garage dance parties. Good job boys.

Well, what do you know? I closed the night again at Cafe Du Nord,
only this time for Grass Widow. Its guitars wail, the feedback, the charm,
it was a date that wasn’t made to last. A hectic schedule had me on the go to
cover as many acts as I could, resulting in road blocked entry into the
Swedish American Hall. Oh well, some days you win, others you get bounced like
a rubber ball by the door man. For now I must leave, an Elbo Room RSVP awaits,
but that is best left for another article.

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