Dillinger 4 Release Show at Danbro Warehouse, E. Williamsburg BK

With The Ergs and definitely without Municipal Waste. Sorry dudes.

On Tuesday, Dillinger 4 played their long awaited record release show. For their first record in six years, they filled the Danbro Warehouse in Brooklyn. Municipal Waste was originally scheduled to play, but canceled their entire tour last minute, which caused some unrest (a close examination of people’s fashion choices revealed who bought their ticket for Municipal Waste and who didn’t).

Nonetheless, the show was sweaty, and completely packed. During The Ergs set the back of the stage collapsed, but after some impromptu carpentry the show continued and Dillinger 4, who stated that they outweighed The Ergs by at least 300 pounds and were ready to die, played an awesome set, without any malfunctions.