Drink Up Buttercup + Beach Fossils + Blind Man’s Colour at Union Hall

Post Author: Sahara Shrestha

Knowing that Drink Up Buttercup are going to play a small stage makes me uneasy; their live performance tends to suit a bigger one. But once they start pounding away, I realize that hardly anything affects their dynamism – even if the venue suffers from importunate sound distortion syndrome. DUB ended the night with their signature unplugged “Lover’s Play Dead” in the middle of the crowd where everyone “stomped and clapped” in unison.

Before that, Beach Fossils were running late trying to fix feedback issues that persisted through their set. Maybe it’s because they’re natal media darlings, but these (“Bushwick”) Brooklynites managed to lull those in attendance into their woozy pop tunes.

Blind Man’s Colour played Union Hall on their last (and first) tour through New York and this time their family and friends looked to have shown up. With Kyle Wyss’ placid enunciation, Orhan Chettri’s confidence, and the mindful meditation of their band on each note played, a mellow, Monday-night feel plodded through the basement on a Saturday.