Baltimore outgrows Brooklyn

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With Future Islands, Double Dagger, Lower Dens and Light Asylum.

“Brooklyn sucks.” Bruce from Double Dagger playfully jests with the crowd on a sweaty and packed night at Death by Audio. But when the crowd greets him with half-hearted laughs and a few boos, he says something prophetic. “Oh shut up, you know you just moved here six months ago.”

The sentiment might not be that off-base, especially on this night, where the duo of Double Dagger and Future Islands brought out more of a “traditional venue” college crowd. But coming from the mouth of a Baltimorian, it had a little extra sting.

And who can blame them, when they can pack out Death by Audio to illegal proportions (after bringing over 450 people to The Floristree the night before)? These two Thrill Jockey bands, with the help of Lower Dens–another Baltimore band to keep a close eye on–are weaving a path across the East Coast leaving sweaty and bruised children in their wake, all while carrying the torch of Baltimore proudly.

"Brooklyn sucks."