Inside the Silverdome

Post Author: Dan Cogliano

Dan Cogliano is a photographer who focuses on urban decay in and around the rust belt, a topic he’s familiar with having grown up in Buffalo, NY. On a recent trip to Detroit he made his way into the Silverdome, a venue best-known as the former home of the NFL’s Lions as well as the NBA’s Pistons and host of countless international events, including a Super Bowl and Wrestlemania. After the Lions left in 2002, the Silverdome fell into ruin. A symbol of the collapse of the Detroit economy, the structure, which was built in 1975 at a cost of $55.7 million (approximately $250 million today) was sold in 2009 for $583,000. Though the famed “silver” dome has since collapsed, and the current owner has done little to renovate its interior, The Silverdome can all be yours for the very low price of $30 Million. Here’s a look at what you’d get.

A look inside the former sports beacon.