Mount Eerie et Moi

Post Author: Impose Automaton

We're the French music label Atelier Ciseaux. Since three years we have released records with Best Coast, Dirty Beaches, Lucky Dragons, Coasting, TOPS and many more.

In April we've released 7″ with the Great MOUNT EERIE (from the Microphones). It's a really special project for us so we decided to do something special for it. A related pics project!

We often wondered what had become of them — where are they stored? When are they played, between daytime and night-time? It’s almost frustrating to abandon them to the mailman without ever knowing what they will come to be, as if we were compelled to dream up stories instead.

Even though we passively accept the binding disappearance of such human bonds, even though we all somewhat take part in this future loss of collective memory, we still need this substance we used to enjoy. We still need the tangible and the authentic. We therefore asked everyone who ordered Mount Eerie‘s 7″ “To the Ground” (released in April on Atelier Ciseaux) via our website to send us some news.

It's like a documentation of the homes of all of those record. You can see all the pics HERE (Amour & Discipline is a French collective webzine).