Noise Pop 2011 Day 2: Butterfly Bones, K Flay, The Frail, Ume

Post Author: , Kati Prescott

As per tradition, the evenings opening festivities began at Benders with Craft Spells, an energetic performance from Ume and some electro sass from the Frail, who were kind enough to open with the intro to Waka Flocka’s “Hard in da Paint.”

Then at the Independent, K Flay brought rhymes and beats through the interplay between her Mac Book and Akai MPK 25. K kept the flow fast, didn’t miss a beat and spit rhymes quicker than most of my buddies do who peddle their mixtapes outside BART Stations.

The Butterfly Bones trio mixed up a host of prerecorded samples via Mac Book, light nob twiddling, live drumming, guitar shredding and proper self-obsessed vocals. Extra points for lead singer/guitarist Reese Donohue for rocking it without socks or shoes for that matter.

Geographer then assembled keys, a drum kit, more keys, one of those fancy electric cellos, and a Mac Book of course. If I never see another Mac Book on stage again it will be too soon.

Then off to Bottom of the Hill where rock vets Admiral Radley took the stage, sans Macbook, kept the sound tight and the California vibes high .Great job, good show everybody.

Night of the Mac Book attack.