Prince Rama at Silent Barn

Post Author: Daniel Doherty

Prince Rama played Silent Barn last Monday, June 27 with Pavel Nunez, Dada Trash Collage, and Jabon. Pavel Nunez is from Honduras, a country currently suffering a military coup. We were informed that soldiers broke up a show he played with his band last year, broke some of their equipment, broke his drummer's arm, and killed someone in the crowd. Thickly worded spanish folk delivered in hoarse staccato.

Dada Trash Collage are from Michigan. Synths, samplers, live drums, heavily filtered singing is best at its most filtered. Danceable.
Jabon is Scott Colburn, audio engineer extraordinary. Zooming synth, deepest thumps, skeleton-voice. Produced Prince Rama's latest.
Prince Rama, fresh from Europe, with a record on the way. This was pretty much the best.

Pretty much the best.