Six years of Dead Herring

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After six years of hosting shows for the incredible price of $5, the house known as Dead Herring will have its final concert on Saturday, January 26th featuring The Immaculates (who are going on hiatus at the end of the month), Moonmen on the Moon, Man (who are reuniting) and Necking plus Hunters (yes!). The venue, located at 141 S. 5th Street in Brooklyn, NY, announced their closure with this statement:

Hey everybody, we're very sad to announce that January is gonna be our last month at Dead Herring. They're raising the rent on us and we can't afford to live here anymore so we're moving on. We're super bummed but also very grateful to everyone who's ever performed here and hung out with us and made the last 6 years here so awesome. Rest assured, we're going out big and we have a ton shows lined up for January. Dead Herring is dead! Viva Dead Herring!

Dead Herring resident photographer Nicki Ishmael sent us images commemorating the DIY venue's six years before their final show this weekend. A list of the shows represented by her retrospective photoset can be found below.

1. 2/11/11 – Chain and the Gang, Calvin Johnson, Girls in Trouble, E-Phryme
2. 12/7/09 – Golden Error, Red Mass, The Nymphets, Foster Care
3. 3/28/11 – Forgetters, Little Victory, Cat Vet, Aye Nako
4. 9/22/12 – Native Cats, Home Blitz, Household and What Next?
5. 10/23/10 – Hunters, Zulus, Population, Social Studies
6. 9/25/09 – Sisters, Weekends, Grooms, Darlings
7. 9/17/11 – Carnivores, Little Victory, Sleepies, Mood Rings
8. 1/16/09 – Apeshit, Cuddle Machines Nude Beach, Teenage Night War
9. 6/24/11 – TmEye, Free Blood, Many Mansions
10. 5/29/10 – Little Victory, Sleepies, Little Lungs, Brothers
11. 7/13/09 – Rice (Again) , Buenos Dias, Blood City, Hawks
12. 6/5/09 – Crime Novels, Pygmy Shrews, The Sunglasses, Teenage Night War
13. 9/25/09 – German Measles, The Beets, Teenage Night War, Missionaries
14. 5/1/10 – Prsms, Passive Aggressor, Pregnant, Unstoppable Death Machines
15. 1/22/11 – Leg Sweeper, Byrds of Paradise, Sleepies, Sweet Bulbs
16. 7/3/09 – Love or Perish, Passive Aggressor, Forever, Prsms
17. 10/24/09 – Partyline, Noisy Pig, Bad Credit No Credit, Sleepies
18. 11/13/09 – She Keeps Bees, Emily Jane White, Social Studies, Dream Diary
19. 6/11/10 – The Cloud Room, Dutch Treat, The Missionaries, Oh the Color
20. 12/7/09 – Red Mass,Golden Error, The Nymphets, Foster Care
21. 7/9/11 – Pop. 1280, Vaz, Shingles
22. 2/26/10 – Sweetbulbs, Weed Hound, Sleepies, Guts for Garters
23.10/23/10 – Population, Hunters, Zulus, Social Studies
24. 8/17/12 – Sleepies, Mr. Dream, Eula
25. 3/9/12 – Necking, Pampers, Marsh Hens and Alan Watts
26. 2/11/11 – Calvin Johnson, Chain and the Gang, Girls in Trouble, E-Phryme
27. 6/24/11 – Free Blood, TmEye, Many Mansions
28. 12/12/08 – My Teenage Stride, Partyline, The Americans, Oars
29. 7/23/11 – Tournament, Family Curse, Marsh Hens, Passive Aggressor

Dead Herring residents and musicians who performed at the venue have shared their memories here.

For more details about Dead Herring's final concert, please visit their event page on Facebook and we'll see you there.

We look back at Dead Herring before they close their doors forever on January 26, 2013.