The Eric Andre Show live at The Studio at Webster Hall

Post Author: Edwina Hay

“The Eric Andre Show,” which airs as a part of the Adult Swim lineup Sunday nights on Cartoon Network, subverts the talk show format that is familiar to us. In the span of 11 minutes, the host, Eric Andre, absolutely destroys the very low budget set. The guests may or may not be the celebrities that are announced. There are sketches that involve hidden cameras and real people's reactions. Sometimes, there are random songs. If guests are double booked, rather than cancel one of them, they appear simultaneously instead. “The Eric Andre Show” can be very bizarre and surreal. So surreal that when Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire appeared on an episode as a musical guest, he asked, “This real?” before starting his song. A few seconds into the performance, he was joined by two people dressed as mascots who sprayed him with soda. Judging by his reaction, eXquire was not aware that this was going to happen.

For four nights in September (the 17th, 19th, 20th and 21st), “The Eric Andre Show” did live shows in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and New York. The photos in the set above are from the final show in New York at The Studio at Webster Hall on the 21st. Before “The Eric Andre Show” began, there were sets from comedians Hannibal Buress, Victor Varnado and Kareem Green. “The Eric Andre Show” officially began with Eric Andre jumping on (and breaking) his desk, using a water gun, dousing himself with milk and throwing food at the audience (and then running through the crowd). The guests for the show were Sally Jessy Raphael (who spent her entire time talking to Eric and co-host Hannibal Buress without a microphone while the band played so no one in the audience heard a word she said), a contortionist and balloon artist (who were double booked so they were on stage at the same time), an audience member (he was filmed before the show started and his interview was cut short by Doc Chicken, which is a chicken who went to medical school), everybody (people from the audience were asked to come onstage) and Russell Brand. “The Eric Andre Show” live was followed by an afterparty featuring a DJ set by Sammy Bananas.

The Eric Andre Show Live ends its tour of the east coast with a show in Manhattan.