Treasure Island Music Festival 2010, Day 2

Post Author: , Jenz

Phosphorescent started off Treasure Island Fest's second day with mellow vibes set to moody clouds and light sporadic showers. Luckily for festival goers the rain cleared up in time for Superchunk but gave cause for us masses to huddle over our cameras and phones from the unforgiving drizzle.

Next up was the Mumlers who were delightful, entertaining and brought some good local fun to the event. Lots of instrumentation switch-ups with the band that kept things lively.

Ra Ra Riot brought out the beautiful poly tech youth of privilege. Not sure if I was still waking up or rainy elements, but I felt like I was living in one of those Coldplay scored PBS underwriter commercials. Then there was the beautiful Alexandra Lawn's styling electric cello which served as a reminder that not everyone is affected by this darned recession that most of us are experiencing.

Papercuts time. A great way to get your mope on with gentle guitar and breezy synths. Some Stuart Murdoch vocal affectations with occasional ascending melodies that rose to the heavy fog-laden skies. All and all it is always nice to see local boys not blowing it and keeping the Sunday afternoon vibes in motion.

Superchunk was amazing. Twenty-one years forward and these geezers still got what it takes. I hope that M. Ward is taking notes; it could save him from boring me senseless when he plays later with what's-her-pretty-face. Superchunk’s “Cross Wires” was full of energy and made me wish more people still talked about them. Some of the best brand of H

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