Daycones, New Landscapes

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Tucson, Arizona’s Daycones – an interesting, and sometimes morbid, experimental music project by Ryan Cones – released the 9-track work New Landscapes earlier this month. Full of nods to greats of the past, the album displays a very melancholic sound delivered with a unique bout of energy. We have fallen in love with it at the IMPOSE compound, and believe it’s worth a few spins if you’ve got some time.

First track “Alive” brings to life a strong narrative about what it means to be alive, including statements like “I’m dead, dead tired of all the trouble that I see” that seem reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s work. Second track “Picture” has a bit of an empty, echo-y feel to the instrumentals that makes it almost eery from the get-go, while “Goodmorning”, in direct contract, boasts a warmth in its guitar chords from the very beginning.

While “Imagination” crawls along at a glacial pace that walks the fine line between coma-inducing and “let’s enjoy this while shrooming out”, the lyrics in “Nothing” are emotionally haunting. “Eyes” picks the pace back up a bit, and though you may struggle finding enormous differences between “Man” and “Feeling” – save for the octave at which they’re played – they’re easily two of our favorite tracks on the album. The work rounds out with “Story”, a fuzzy song delivered with insanely beautiful and timeless vocals, as many of its predecessors.

No, “you can’t erase those memories from my mind.” And I think that’s the point.

New Landscapes is available now.