Headwaves, Headwaves

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Today, Headwaves releases their self-titled debut album unto the masses. The seven track album features their single “Mama”, the video for which we premiered back in August. We knew back then that if that song was any real indication of what was to come, we’d be in for a treat. And we were right.

“Mama” leads us into the fold of the album, while “Left Right” brings us back to our roots, replete with jazzy percussion and whirring 70’s sound effects. When they sing of being “along for the ride,” we almost want to be with them, cruising in the car to their light hearted vocals. “Bare Hands” brings with it a couple of misleading connotations, as it is largely a melancholic song about parting ways. The “bare hands” aspect of it all makes them sound more rough and tumble, while the song itself is almost glittering in its presentation. While “Face The Sun” has a darker disposition to it, it stays on the edge of the dance music fray with its budding synth and beautifully composed instrumentals.

“Working Overtime” – while its a sentiment I’m sure we can all relate to – begins alien-like in its structure. Lyrics like “you’re holier than the holy ghost” and “did we get off on the wrong foot?” are giggle-worthy, as they ponder misconceptions and the harsh reality of being worked too hard in a quirky, beautiful song. “So Cold” starts out warm, if you can believe it, with gorgeous, simple piano. Additional instrumentals blends in smoothly after 55 seconds, guitar bringing with it a vintage, dramatic feel as lyrics like “I touched the leaves, I touched the sky / I climb into the world outside” actually pair the song nicely with the change in season and wanderlust we all feel with that change. “Western Life” rounds out the album, coming in with a bang and a much more uptempo feel to it than most of its predecessors, although still somehow light in its composition. A beautiful cacophony of sound brings the entire album to a standstill at the end, and however beautiful the silence, we’re begging for more.

Headwaves is available now.