Jane In Space, Jane In Space

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

When you’re in the mood for something different, Jane In Space is damn near perfect. The electronic rock + dark wave group delivers on each and every song in its self-titled album, and with a dark-but-accessible vibe, transports you.

Listening to the album is kind of like going to a luxe spa… in outer space. Oh, so the name somehow makes sense. The electronic and new-age sounds give them a cool, industrial sort of feel, but the complementary vocals and the interesting-yet-nearly-soothing music keeps you focused and fascinated. They do bear some resemblance to Depeche Mode, but perhaps the “Diet” version — and this is meant in a good way.The so-called “pop sensibility” – perhaps mastered by Tom Baker – lifts their potential for too much gritty darkness or emotional heaviness and makes this appealing to just about anyone. 

The potential for this album is endless. Every single song is musically challenging and interesting to listen to. It’s a modern fusion of the genres from which it draws, and does so – literally – on every single song of the album. In case you’re wondering, they delivered. Trust us: you want to listen to this album and you want to know more about Jane In Space. 

Their single to note is “Say Something”, but we also really liked “Weightlessness”, “Spiderwebs” and… them all.