Lily Mae, Closer

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Lily Mae has range that has drawn comparisons to a younger Joni Mitchell; her voice emotes older than her 20 years.  The Philadelphia native has crafted a collection of songs in her upcoming EP Closer that invite a second and then third listen to really hear all of the nuances in each song.  Lily Mae sang all of the vocals, played all the guitars, did arrangements of rhythm section, horns, and strings.  In addition, she produced many of the tracks.

The first track on the EP entitled “Diamond” is a feminist anthem that speaks to all ages of women.  Lily Mae posted the song as a preview on International Women’s Day.  It was chosen as a Pick of the Day by radio station WXPN.  The lyrics sound very personal and that is the strength of the song.

Each subsequent track has a distinctive sound with a common thread – Lily Mae’s voice.  A personal favorite on the album is the slow and wistful track “Darling Boy”, although the unique storytelling in “Amélie” holds a close second.  It will be fascinating to watch this young talent develop as her career grows.

“I strip away layers, track by track – I wanted to show a wide range of color in this album to give it a sense of intimacy, while feeling empowered at the same time.” – Lily Mae

Track List
1. Diamond
2. Harmony Road
3. Darling Boy
4. A Cloud Passed Over Me
5. Amélie
6. Closer
7. Come Tomorrow Gently In

Lily Mae’s sophomore effort, Closer, a seven song EP, will be released November 11, 2016. Keep up with the talented artist here.