Natalie Claro, atychiphobia

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As most can probably tell, IMPOSE deals with an array of artists and immense talent every single day. It can get overwhelming at times as we try to make sense of it all and bring you the best music we can find on the web, focusing specifically on up-and-comers so that we can continue to be a fun place for people to discover new music. Recently, we got a little package in the mail that was incredible sweet, and it displayed the well-roundedness of the artist who sent it. She created a zine to go along with her self-produced EP, and we’re floored by the work she has done.

World, meet Natalie Claro. She’s a 17 year old genre-bending “alt-rock” singer-songwriter with the pipes to prove she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Her latest 5-track atychiphobia EP is set to release on December 10th via SmallDog Records. But we’ve got some reasons why you need to nab that preorder now.

First track “Baby Bug” gives a powerful introduction to Claro as a person, detailing pain she felt as a younger, bullied woman coming into her own. It’s both full of strength and also delicate, allowing you to see many facets of her personality. We’ll jot it down as this generation’s “Beautiful” (Christina Aguilera). “Mountains” gives us a peak into Claro’s thoughts on government, but it also shines a light on her acoustic abilities. There’s almost a twang to her voice as she belts out the lyrics, fast paced as if she’s pressed for time. “Shower of Roses” takes on a different vibe, slower, smoother. Her vocals come across as emotional and raspy in places, devouring your soul.

“Daisy” – while it is at its core a rock track – once again finds itself teetering on the country side of things. And that might be the most remarkable part of it all, as so many wonderful country singers (Dolly Parton, et al.) paved the way for rock as we know it. There is a hard, raw feel to it that makes the listener feel like they’re a badass, wandering the streets with a “don’t fuck with me” attitude.

She rounds out the EP with a song that departs entirely from its predecessors in terms of sound. She continues to amaze with her ability to create and perform in different genres, as “My Calling, The Door” has a stand out caribbean vibe to it. As she searches for her passion, we’re incredibly inspired by her narrative.

The term “atychiphobia” translates directly from Greek to “the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure.” While we are all very privy to that horrifying feeling, we must admit that Claro need not hold onto that, as she progresses into her own as a woman. atychiphobia really makes you forget that she is still 17 years old, and she has talent far beyond her years. This work is art.

atychiphobia is out December 10th. It is available for preorder now.