The Undecided Majors, In Spite

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Scott McCauley and Jake Fenton’s pop-punk/alt-rock project The Undecided Majors debuted their sophomore release In Spite on December 2nd. The five track EP is exactly what fans needed at this point, starting with a fun voiceover clip and then going into a heavy guitar riff like those which guys have built their reputation off of.

Slightly reminiscent of our favorite pop-punk collectives from the turn of the century, we’ve never felt more at home while at the same time feeling completely out of our element. There are moments in each song that allow you to catch your breath, be it the intense drum solo in “Cindys Downfall”, the gnarly guitar solo in “Gone Wrong”, or the intense multi-instrument buildup in “Insanity”. Each track makes you feel like you may be “going crazy” (“Insanity”), while simultaneously making you want to let go of all reality and just dance.

And perhaps that’s what we need right now. An entire work that – however thought-inducing the lyrical aspect is – encourages us to let go and provides us an outlet for the energy and stress and darkness that comes with this time of year.

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