Vigil, Jessie

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Vigil – a solo electronic project from Brooklyn’s Chris Ash – has been developing for about a year now, though you would think the project had been around for far longer based on what has come of it. Having been a part of Chicago’s Lamp in previous years, Ash is no stranger to the music world and has been honing his skills for quite some time. His latest work of art – a four track EP titled Jessie – was just released, and we’ve got it streaming for you right here.

“Holidayinmyhead” starts the EP out in a remarkable way, with the first lyrics “Every morning when I wake up, there’s a light in your eyes / Then I notice that I’m sleeping and alone inside / the plans that I had made” tattooing a melancholic wound on our hearts. Beginning with such an emotional and relatable stance is always the way to go in our book, and Vigil has done it correctly. While “Poison” bounces in with a club beat and bass for days, “Heartland” is a busybody’s dream, haphazardly conjuring up images of cars speeding down the highway in the dark, early hours of the day with the staccato beat. (Not to give him an idea for the video, but we think we know which way we would go with this track.) Jessie continues in much the same vein, but with a more dancehall vibe to it, as we sway our hips into its entrancing and enigmatic sound.

If Vigil wasn’t already on your radar, get on it. Pronto.