Azizi Gibson, “Ghost In The Shell”

Brainfeeder's Azizi Gibson stormed the gates with the sonic assistance of Jeremiah Jae on Ignorant Prayers, which we've yet to grow tired of. He's on the verge of a new record, which might possibly be considered his official Brainfeeder debut. He's knighted a new member into his preHistoric crew, a producer named Jonathan Lowell, who laced Azizi with a laid back, blue noted beat.

"Ghost In The Shell", no doubt a direct reference to the classic anime film, assesses the intricacies and misconceptions of real. Azizi might live in California now, but his ties can't be traced to the traditional locales of Los Angeles rap. He smokes as much weed as the next rapper, as can be seen here, but he heavily fucks with anime. Are you willing to challenge his realness? Caught up in the same tribulations as the next man, Azizi brings an attitude to "Ghost In The Shell" that's numbing the realities of a sin stung existence with weed and drank, followed up with the same two middle fingers to those that oppose. With plenty of room to operate within Lowell's production, Azizi's flow occilates between a breaking point of spazzing out only to lapse into a hazy melancholy. Ignorant Prayers was rap criticism of ignorant shit, but "Ghost In The Shell" is the bridge to comradery in plight.