Bad Cello, “Finna”

Post Author: Lexy Cullinan

“I wrote Finna with failure in mind,” says Zeno Pittarelli about the Bad Cello EP, released on Miscreant Records and Double Double Whammy in late 2013. Finna features a title track that feels like self-assertion after a series of attempts and a period of self-deprecation. Pittarelli explains, “At the time I was disappointed with myself and my accomplishments, and noticed that I too often projected by self-doubt and negativity on close friends and family.” Bad Cello’s Finna tells this narrative under synthesized electronic pop melodies, heavy claps, and intermittent noisy bass drums, the result of which features an effective juxtaposition of dance-y music and sad, charmingly monotonous vocals.

Last week, while hiking with friends, Pittarelli recorded a video for the conclusive track on the album, “Finna.” The wintery nature scenery soundtracked by synth pop creates a strange and beautiful pairing that has the same self-assertive feel as the EP in its entirety.