Bill Baird Presents: The Magnetetractys

Post Author: Jes Skolnik

Iconoclastic experimental pop artist Bill Baird (Sound Team, Sunset) has designed a new nine-string electro-acoustic drone harp he calls the Magnetetractys. Bill’s been kind enough to share an “infomercial” all about his creation exclusively with Impose, and he’s also shared with us a hypnotic performance of the Magnetetractys in action at his studio. Bill’s body of work is confounding, intriguing, unique and thoughtful, sliding around on the slippery surface of psych-pop from folk intimacy to ambient suspense; we’re interested to see what dimensions the Magnetetractys will add to his songwriting work and potentially the work of others.

Bill Baird’s newest record, Earth Into Aether Parts I and II is available March 1 from Talk Show Records.