Brineaboy, "Unalienable"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Alex and Amy, known as Nashville duo Brineaboy has a new video out today. The pair matches hip-hop beats with electro-rock art tunes for a mixed up, sexy trance feel. Shot in black and white, the video is a hostage situation, placing captives in an art gallery before their fate is decided. Gallery-goers wander around the duo, ignoring the dire situation, giving a visual to the feeling that those who need the most help are often right in front of you. In what feels like an incredibly selfish time in American history, with an unrepresentative few making decisions that impacts everyone, the video is a timely representation of the need for empathy.
“’Unalienable’ was written with the intention of giving a voice to the voiceless, the abused, the controlled, the powerless. Many things in this world are corrupt and selfishly sought after,” says Brineaboy. “‘Unalienable’ is calling out for those who are strong and care to make a difference for the sake of others. This video also took on a new meaning to us, as we wanted the director to express his interpretation of the song with his concept of the story line.”
The intense imagery with Amy’s distorted vocals coming in over swirling electronic beats creates a sense of anxiety, as we’re uncertain what will happen to the pair. Watch the video to find out.
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