Brunch, “Sea Toad”

Post Author: Lexy Cullinan

A friend of mine said, “When Brunch comes to the U.S., I’m going to ask a pretty girl to go out to Brunch with me. She will be pleasantly surprised.” Band name puns can be unsettling at best, but “pleasant surprise” is a passable, if not downright exact, description for Brunch. The London-based band has a startling work ethic, with three releases behind them since March 2014 and an upcoming tape release in January. Their sound is assertively crisp and well-planned, featuring melodies and repetitions reminiscent of pop music as well as noisy riffs and offbeat, alternative lyrics. “Sea Toad,” a re-release on their new EP, may or may not be a metaphorical description about sea toads and relationships.

“God what a memory, I can see she knows
What hell it’s gonna be, I agree
And so out drops a pithy line from a magazine, her eyes get sick of me, I must be sea toad
And when I tell about it I get nothing but the dreaded peal that befits the sea toad”

Even more surprisingly, the video shows a green screen projection of various sea toad-related clips that proves to be wildly hilarious. Their musical capabilities and inarguable sense of humor in “Sea Toad” is an excellent introduction to the talent that Brunch will hopefully continue to display. Brunch’s debut self-titled EP on Sleepy Marjet Records includes “Sea Toad” in addition to four other re-releases and four previously unheard tracks and is set to release on January 23, 2015.