Cambatta, "Crown of Thorns (Kether)"

Post Author: Andre G

When it comes to lyricists, Cambatta should be one of the first names at the top of your list. It’s not just that he rhymes words together well, it’s the command of language and depth of knowledge on display with songs like “Ghost In The Machine” and “Tupac Murder Confession.” To be either a talented wordsmith or gem-dropping MC wins most artists success — Cambatta is both.

It’s fitting that he dropped his latest track on Friday the 13th, a date long conceptualized as one of horror — there may be a few MCs trembling at the specter of meeting the high bar he set with “Crown of Thorns (Kether),” his latest offering. Over a scintillating O.P. Supa production, Cambatta takes no prisoners, bludgeoning the beat with a lyrical excursion through his mind, stacking multis packed with boasts such as, “large cluttered mind but a sharp hunter’s eye.”

Hopefully is vision is set on delivering a follow up to Smoke & Mirrors sooner than later, but in the meantime, we have “Crown of Thorns.” You can download here.