Captain Murphy, “The Killing Joke”

Just when we thought there would be no more use for the hero-cum-villain line from a movie that came out five years ago, Captain Murphy, the rapping alterego of Flying Lotus, finds a way to weasel it into his new video for the song "The Killing Joke." Though the video is haunting and cold and a high ride in visual stimulation, it still seems completely unnecessary to keep falling back on a concept that was dumb from the getgo. We get it. Captain Murphy is the alterego of Flying Lotus. Batman is the alterego of Christian Bale. There is no need to keep referencing this.

The video is a little too short for our liking, as well, as it has the capability to be highly watchable (minus all the Dark Knight stuff). The song comes from Captain Murphy's mixtape, DUΔLITY, which also pisses us off because it gives us one more reason to have to think about Alt-J when we didn't want to. So the long story short is just watch the vide on mute. That's probably good enough.

You can get the DUΔLITY mixtape here.