Carry Illinois, "Electric Charm"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As Austin-based indie pop collective Carry Illinois – comprised of Lizzy Lehman, Andrew Pressman, Rudy Villarreal, Darwin Smith, and Derek Morris – prepares for the release of their new album Garage Sale on May 12th, they’ve got a little surprise for us. We’re hosting the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Electric Charm”, and we’re totally smitten.
For context on the track itself, Lizzy expands:

It’s never easy to reach back into your past and revisit the painful parts of growing up. In high school I was surrounded by kids who were solely concerned with societal norms, materialism, and looking, dressing, and acting like everyone else. There was little room for being the weirdo or girl who wasn’t a size 2,4,6 etc. “Electric Charm” is about not fitting in, not being the popular kid, and finally finding my place in the world once I moved away from home and began to shape my true self and find real friends who accepted me for me. In spite of vast self-esteem issues over the years, music has always been comforting and I am proud to share it with the world.

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of the track, and the beautiful itself is a vivid, artful masterpiece created in collaboration with Yukai Du of Bliink Studios in England. “I provided her with the lyrics, the themes of the song, the color palette I preferred, and then basically gave her free-reign to work her magic,” explains Lizzy.
Du has created unique profiles with an interesting color palette, almost creating a fuzzy texture in her illustrations. She plays with the idea of being completely alone in a room full of people, and the subject matter of the song itself absolutely shines through.
Keep an eye out for Garage Sale here.