Debut: Safari Al, “Windswept”

Resting somewhere between the boom and bip of hip hop and the serene washes of electronica, "Windswept" is Safari Al feeling overwhelmed to a blissful hum. The track is balanced in loss and the melancholy of accepting the past as merely a page of a book to flip back to and remember fondly. Safari Al wrote his Highlands EP off the inspiration gathered from a trip to Guatemala. He opens "Windswept" in the belly of an airplane and then cold within a sleeping bag. He admits it's spacious enough for two and so begins the prompt for "Windswept", as that missing someone is recalled fondly. If this song is a page worth revisiting, Al makes sure to leave plenty of heart felt moments within the ledger.

Safari Al's Highlands EP is out now on Black Chalk Entertainment and streaming here.